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India Is Not At All Poor, Has Resources For Its Space Missions: ISRO Chief

Allegedly, India is positioned in good state economically to offer funds for its space missions and benefits to people, the head of the country’s space organization stated. While addressing students during a university convocation ceremony in Bangalore, K. Sivan—ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) Chairman—said some people were questioning the necessity for space technology in a country like India. As reported by The Economic Times Sivan stated, “India’s financial system is the third-largest by purchasing power and the seventh-largest by GDP (gross domestic product). Nowadays, there is a number of opportunities and people are thinking that India is financially unstable and why space technology is needed. For those who think that India is poor, I say India is not at all poor.”

The ISRO chairman said, “Today, space technology and development is very significant for the country’s progress. India is number one in remote sensing satellite, the second-largest manufacturer of wheat and the second-largest cultivator of rice. Our IT industry is unbeatable in the world.” Dr. Sivan’s comments assume importance in the wake of ISRO lifting Chandrayaan-2, which is India’s most ambitious moon mission. On 20 August 2019, the Chandrayaan-2 surpassed a noteworthy milestone by entering the Moon’s orbit. The “Vikram” lander has now started the process of separating from “Pragyan” rover since it enters its last orbit, passing from the lunar poles at a distance of around 100 Kilometers from the surface of the Moon.

Recently, ISRO was in the news as the space agency is planning the first flight of its indigenously advanced SSLV (small satellite launch vehicle) by the end of 2019. The SSLV is being crafted by Indian scientists to transport smaller commercial satellites in the lower orbit of Earth. “ISRO is always pursuing a target and its work on SSLV is in full swing. We are aiming for a December launch of the vehicle,” Sivan had asserted following Chandrayaan-2 entered the lunar’s orbit.

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