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Huawei To Launch Its High-End Smartphone On Clouds Of Google Ban

Reportedly, Huawei plans to move ahead with the release of new high-end smartphones across Europe although it might not be able to present Google’s official Android OS (operating system) and extensively used apps like Google Maps, company officials said to Reuters. According to a source accustomed with the matter, the second-largest smartphone maker globally is set to reveal its new Mate 30 line of smartphones on September 18 in Munich. The Mate 30—which is developed to function on new 5G mobile network—is Huawei’s first iconic smartphone launch ever since the U.S. President Donald Trump’s government effectively blacklisted the company during mid-May, claiming that it is engaged in activities that threats US’ national security.

A spokesperson from Google told Reuters that the Mate 30 can’t be sold with certified Google services and apps owing to the U.S. prohibition on sales to Huawei. A provisional reprieve that the U.S. administration declared in the last week does not apply to latest products like the Mate 30, the spokesman stated. The U.S. companies can get a license for precise products to be excused from the forbid. In this week, Reuters reported that the U.S. DOC (Department of Commerce) has received over 130 applications from firms for licenses to sell US products to Huawei, but not a license have been granted.

Recently, Huawei was in news for moving its mobile software services business in Ireland. In the last few months, Huawei has transferred a number of its mobile software services to Aspiegel Limited, an Irish subsidiary. Some industry sources suggest that the decision—which sees the Irish subsidiary taking over control for European users’ personal data—is an effort by the firm to show it has nothing to conceal when the security concerns are considered.

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