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Despite Critics Oppose, Tech Giants Boost Deployment Of Facial Recognition

Almost all the recently launched smartphones have pre-installed face recognition system installed into them. However, the actual technology supporting this feature has become highly provocative with regulators and business executives calling it as a monitoring feature. Earlier this year, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella stated that the technology licensed to any regulation that prevents the downstroke of the market.

Even though people are comfortable with the notion of registering their portrait with Face ID platform on Apple, the indication of being watched by AI-powered hanging cameras on the streets are proven much more intimidating. This is the key difference between non-consensual and sensual face-recognition systems, explained by several tech experts and executives.

Last month, this technology usage in King’s Cross—a district in London—underwent huge backlash, which grabbed the attention of the UK data security officials. It is considered that a property developer Argent had installed the software without even informing the people in that region.

Argent didn’t come up with an immediate comment when contacted by CNBC.

Some are appealing to ban this live Ai-powered facial recognition technology that supports surveillance cameras to keep an eye on people in public areas.

On a similar note, Ring Inc.—Amazon-owned home security and smart home company—has so far installed over 10 million doorbells worldwide. Now, BuzzFeed News reported with the evidence that the home security company is engaged in developing facial recognition technology for its devices.

The ring has asserted for so long that it doesn’t use facial recognition technology in its video-enabled doorbells. Almost a week before, it reiterated with assurance to the Washington Post of not integrating face recognition technology in its doorbells. However, according to BuzzFeed News, the company’s Ukraine arm seems to be dedicated to designing facial recognition technology. Such contradictory reports of the company reveal a lack of transparency.

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