This is HelpCloud

Humans Are HelpCloud

We believe that artificial intelligence (AI) has a place in this world and it will bring unprecedented efficiency and solutions to human error. Regardless, it cannot replace the human aspect in service and customer care as AI does not have the ability to empathize with the difficulties that you are encountering.

A Search Engine with a Human Touch

HelpCloud Search is built to focus only on providing you with tech resolutions. If HelpCloud Search doesn’t help you then the edge that HelpCloud has is that we strive to keep it human. While we may not be as quick as AI or bots to diagnose and present a solution, we believe that we are far more qualitative. We will never give up the human element in helping you troubleshoot and find solutions to your technological headaches.

We’re Here to Help You

Technology in all forms is meant to serve as an enhancement to the human experience but never meant to replace our humanity with machinery or software. When you’re frustrated with technology turn to someone that understands that frustration: turn to HelpCloud.

Our Values

  • Help for anyone, anywhere, anytime.
  • Transparency in how we process data. We respect the right to be forgotten.
  • Straight-forward marketing and sales (see service details).
  • We believe in the founding ethos of the World Wide Web as stated by Tim Berners-Lee in this video.
  • Empowering you to find a solution to your problem, whether it be using HelpCloud Search or asking us for help.
  • We aim to be a trusted and dependable hub for all things technological.
  • Last, but not least, we value our community. Our office in Utah is full of friendly people who care about you and each other. We promise to never offshore our services and will remain USA based, locally owned and operated.
HelpCloud Values

Our Story and Mission

HelpCloud was developed in 2018 based on the idea that internet users needed a hub for troubleshooting, finding solutions to, reviews for and learning about all things tech.

HelpCloud offers a search engine and hub to go to in order to find solutions for technological issues. Answers with resolution are found here. Be it issues with computers, printers and keyboards, smart devices, software and everyday internet issues someone like you would experience.

HelpCloud is built to offer a variety of methods to help you find your tech resolution including HelpCloud Search, a tech support membership, Technician by-the-hour, HelpCloud LiveSupport, and more.

HelpCloud Search is built for someone that is tech illiterate but also for a super user or an experienced developer. We want any type of user to find the solution they need.

Our Tech Advisors

Our members experience 24/7 customer care by telephone, email or chat. But any user, member or not, is able to submit an inquiry concerning any technological issue. If you submit an inquiry to HelpCloud you will receive a human response. If you’re on the internet and part of the World Wide Web then you are invited to be part of HelpCloud. This is an integral part of the HelpCloud experience.

Our Tech Advisors are full-time with benefits employees who are located at our headquarters in Lindon, Utah. These employees enjoy the benefit of working in the same physical space and collaborating on an in-depth, tested, and vetted answer to your inquiry. Most of these Tech Advisors are also employed and work as technicians for the members of our month-to-month technical support package.

What Do You Need Help With?

Additionally, as a member, you can call from 9:00 am – 9:00 pm EST to speak with a representative or connect through the HelpDesk 24/7. Whenever you need help, turn to HelpCloud.

Agent at Desk

Terms and Conditions

At HelpCloud we are striving to participate in an environment of transparency. We are a business and need to make money in order to provide a salary, benefits, and a suitable lifestyle for our employees. We hope that you as the user will appreciate our directness in how we monetize our services and website. The terms and conditions are lengthy, as always. But we have some highlighted concepts that we want to make sure you understand.

Your Security and Data

It is important how we handle and, in some cases, store any data that comes through our website. Additionally, website security is a prime focus of ours as we aim to build a fast, beneficial, and secure web application for the user. Below are some main points we would like to highlight:

  • We do not sell personal or identifiable data;
  • We do not purchase your personal or identifiable data, all our advertising is through regulated ad networks;
  • We strive to build a GDPR and CCPA compliant website despite mainly serving North American based users. We believe in consent of the user and the ethos embodied in the GDPR and CCPA legislation. We will not contact you without consent. We use software that encrypts and ensures anonymity;
  • We are PCI compliant. There is oversight on how we process financial data. We are held liable to U.S. consumer laws;
  • We follow TCPA regulations and never cold call. All our outgoing calls are to those that have submitted for help or are current or previous customers;
  • Our website is secured by SSL certificates and ensures the encrypted transfer of data between our website and your device.

How We Monetize

HelpCloud makes money through our technical support memberships, our hourly support service, products sold on the website, and through affiliate marketing on our website. We transparently list our partners and links to those affiliates and are marked accordingly. Our practice is to only link with affiliates when it fits within the scope of the content that we create and the solution that you are seeking. Additionally, as an Amazon Associate HelpCloud earns from qualifying purchases.

We strive to build authentic, comprehensive, and long-standing relationships with our partners and you as a website user. In trying to build an ancillary website of the World Wide Web we strive to only link and sell products that are beneficial to both the user and HelpCloud as an entity.

Privacy Policy

A full version of our Privacy Policy can be found here.


Job postings for open positions can be found here.

HelpCloud Management and Contributors

HelpCloud is a locally owned and operated company. We commit to never offshore and outsource our services. All our employees are located in and operating out of our Lindon, Utah office. We are true USA based support. You can contact us here.

Erik Fullmer

Director of Marketing

Erik was raised in many places in a military family but has long since called Utah home. He spends free time in his garden, in the mountains with his dog, and skis…a lot. He is actively earning the necessary certifications and training to become a certified winter mountain guide.

Erik graduated from Utah Valley University in 2011 with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral Science and a minor in Spanish. Additionally, being raised by a German mother, he spent a part of his childhood and also the beginning of his professional career in Germany where he worked as a Digital Strategist for adesta, a locally owned business in Darmstadt. Speaking three languages has opened up the world to him and influences the breadth of topics covered in his articles. He has always held an affinity for the world wide web and its workings, development, history and future.

Being a key player in the development of, and Director of Marketing for HelpCloud, he takes the content displayed and utilized on HelpCloud extremely seriously.

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